Crystal was born with her psychic gifts, Crystal’s life path is to help her clients understand why people and situations are happening in their life. Crystal has been reading for years and she has been able to use her gifts to help her clients move forward in their life and grow emotionally and spiritually from life’s changes. Crystal’s goal with every reading is to give her clients the information that they need to fill the void and to regain peace and understanding in their life.

Crystal knew from a very young age that she was psychic and could channel spirit. Crystal use to play Baby Dolls and Barbie’s with her guides. As she grew up she knew things about people without her being told or asking for the information.Crystal knows she can give peace and understanding to every situation in your life.

Crystal’s uses her gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudient, Clairsentience, and Channeling  during every reading to give insight and peace in your life. Crystal and her guides will make it a safe place for you to feel free to ask any questions you may have. Crystal does not judge her clients, her responsibility is to create a safe environment to speak and ask  any questions you may have.

Crystal understands that with better information comes better decisions, Let Crystal give you the truth to what is really happening in your world.

Crystal’s Reading schedule is Monday -Saturday 8am cst until 8pm cst. Sunday is by appointment. Please email Crystal at Crystal@CrystalsInsights.com for a reading time. In your email please put your first name and contact phone number and a desired reading time and date.

Reading are done by appointment daily, Once Payment is completed through paypal. Crystal will notify you by email you after making a purchase. Any questions before making a purchase please email at crystal@crystalsinsights.com